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APM Systems is a leading IT Service Provider operating in Bucks County, PA for over 16 years. APM Systems offers comprehensive technology management services to its clients, focused on IT for end-user results, productivity and technology satisfaction. Our areas of expertise include cloud and premise infrastructure, networking, voice and data communications, application delivery and WAN optimization, data protection, security, and comprehensive outsourced IT management and support.

APM Systems’ objective is to remain focused in its areas of expertise and continue to build a long-term sustainable organization delivering valuable services to our clients and partners, with an emphasis on work/life balance for our team.

APM Systems offers a flexible schedule to its employees requiring full-time staff to work an average of 35-40 hours per week, with some options for overtime. We have high performance expectations during working hours. We are focused on top notch performance during the day and leaving your weekends and evenings, as much as possible, for rest and relaxation. We want fresh and healthy people every day, that are left enough time to take care of themselves, their families and their general well-being. Our available benefits include   paid holiday and vacation time, health benefits if needed, and flexibility in the work schedule. 

APM Systems is dedicated to a friendly, low stress work environment. But, things can get tense, if chronic IT and technology issues are not being dealt with effectively or management is not seeing the organizational goals and objectives met. Staff is expected to bring their “A” game everyday, show up every day, ready to solve challenging problems. Ownership, accountability, and cooperation and respect among staff, are instrumental to the company's success. We are also very documentation and process oriented. Therefore, all staff is required to have a good grasp of the English language, spelling, and have a strong vocabulary for writing and conversation.

If this sounds like a place you would love to work and you feel you have the qualifications to achieve success at our company, we look forward to seeing your application!

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